Churches, Schools, NGOs


Opuwo has more than 20 churches.

You can choose between the more traditional mainline brands (Catholic, Lutheran, NG ...) or some Charismatic/Pentecostal congregations (Opuwo Christian Community Church, Missionwork church, PPK, Nazarene, Fill the Gap ...) or you may wish to attend the SDA on Saturdays.


Two private schools:


Four government schools:

  • LP - grade 0 to 7

  • Kameru - grade 0 to 7

  • Putwavanga - grade 8 to 12

  • Mureti - grade 8 to 12




Red Cross - office closed at the moment but they do special projects during drought, cholera outbreaks, etc.


OCS Kindergarten project - Opuwo Christian School and ABBA Guesthouse are supporting 15 villages with starting and operating preschools - training (with Amos Meerkat Schools), providing curriculum and material and assisting villagers to construct classrooms. Contact Pieter de Villiers if you want to visit or support these kindergartens.