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Opuwo Christian School follows the Namibian National Curriculum but with different methodology. We use the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) methodology as we build each kid to become all God wants him/her to be ....


Opuwo Christian School appoints only the best staff to work with your kids.

Each learning Center (classroom) has a qualified supervisor (teacher) and one or more monitors.

Our vision is to .... click to read more ...


How much do I need to pay per month?

Which curriculum does OCS use?

How / when do I register my kid for next year?

Which language is instruction done in?

... and many other questions ....

Welcome to the website of Opuwo Christian School.

We want to provide quality Education and Moral development based on biblical principles geared towards Academic Excellence and Spiritual Growth to lay a foundation for holistic life-long learning to kids in and around Opuwo.

Enjoy our site and please pray with us for God's continuing wisdom, provision, guidance and presence as we engage in this awesome ministry.


BREAKING NEWS: OCS scores excellent in the national SAT tests - second in Kunene region.

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