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2012 news​

Breaking and Building

Pieter de Villiers May 2012


During the May school holidays we are using the time to break and build.

We are enlarging the current Grade 1 Learning Center.

We are moving the Computer Center to a new room.

We are fixing and upgrading the toilets.

We're starting the planning/preparation for building a new learning center for grade 3 for use in 2013.

New stock arrived

Pieter de Villiers May 2012

OCS ordered stock (PACES, software, stationary, staff training material, etc) valued at N$20 000 from the ACE head-office in Durban, South Africa.

The stock arrived in Opuwo and we now have enough PACES and other material for the whole year.

Praise the Lord for His provision and help.

New Staff & Training
Pieter de Villiers May 2012

Two of our staff members did not pass their probation period and their contracts were not renewed. We want to be 100% sure that we have the best possible staff to work with your children.


OCS has appointed two new staff members who will work as monitors in grades 1 and 2. (Monitors are assistants to the supervisors in each learning center).

Pray with us for Ester Iyambo and Rina Herunga who will do the monitor's training from 22 to 29 May.

OCS will also host a workshop for village Kindergartens during the last week of May.


On 25 and 26 June most of the OCS staff members will attend ACE Namibia's annual Christian Educators Convention in Windhoek where we will receive input from ACE leaders from Namibia, South Africa and other countries. We will also celebrate 2

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